Submissions from 2010

Stipulated Damages, Superstrict Liability, and Mitigation in Contract Law, Saul Levmore

The Internet's Anonymity Problem, Saul Levmore

Uncorporations and the Delaware Strategy, Saul Levmore

Global Legal Information Networks: Convergence of People and Data across Borders., Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Resentment, Excuse, and Norms, Richard H. McAdams

Égalité et amour à la fin du Mariage de Figaro: constituer les émotions démocratiques, Martha Nussbaum

Emoções Racionais, Martha Nussbaum

Kann es einen ‘gereinigten Patriotismus’ geben? Ein Plädoyer für globale Gerechtigkeit, Martha Nussbaum

Mill’s Feminism: Liberal, Radical, and Queer, Martha Nussbaum

Perceptive Equilibrium: Literary Theory and Ethical Theory, Martha Nussbaum

Who is the Happy Warrior?: Philosophy Poses Questions to Psychology, Martha Nussbaum

Compassion: Human and Animal, Martha Craven Nussbaum

The Costs of Regulation or the Consequences of Poverty? Progressive Lessons from de Soto, Eduardo Peñalver

Fault in Contract Law, Eric Posner

Introduction, Eric Posner

Afterword: The Causes of the Financial Crisis, Richard A. Posner

Foreword, Richard A. Posner

Rorty on Law and Public Policy, Richard A. Posner

The Pumpkinification of Claudius the God, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Martha Nussbaum, and Robert A. Kaster

Discovery, Alison Siegler

Supervised Release and Probation Revocations, Alison Siegler

Privacy, the First Amendment and the Internet, Geoffrey R. Stone

Collective Privacy, Lior Strahilevitz

Antitrust Settlements in the United States, Diane P. Wood

Submissions from 2009

Nicholas St. John Green, Albert Alschuler

Parental Rights, Emily Buss

The Law's Influence over Children's Religious Development, Emily Buss

Children and the First Amendment, Emily Buss and David S. Tanenhaus

A Few Words in Favor of Cultivating an Incest Taboo in the Workplace, Mary Anne Case

Feminist Fundamentalism and Constitutional Citizenship., Mary Anne Case

Feminist Fundamentalism on the Frontier between Government and Family Responsibility for Children, Mary Anne Case

Perfectionism and Fundamentalism in the Application of the German Abortion Laws, Mary Anne Case

Economics and Contiguous Disciplines, Ronald H. Coase

The Nature of the Firm, Ronald H. Coase

The Subprime Crisis and Financial Regulation: An International Perspective, Kenneth W. Dam

The U. S. Government's Approach to Financial Decisions, Kenneth W. Dam

The Impact of Taxes on Dividends and Corporate Financial Policy: Lessons from the 2000s, Dhammika Dharmapala

Foreword, Richard A. Epstein

Health Care One More Time, Richard A. Epstein

The Law and Economics of Constitutionalism, Richard A. Epstein

What Broadcast Licenses Tell Us about Net Neutrality: Cosmopolitan Broadcasting Corporation v. FCC, Richard A. Epstein

What Broadcast Licenses Tell Us about Net Neutrality: Cosmopolitan Broadcasting Corporation v. FCC, Richard A. Epstein

What's Wrong with the Employee Free Choice Act, Richard A. Epstein

Commons, Anticommons, Semicommons, Lee Anne Fennell and Kenneth M. Ayotte

A Crack in the Wall of Denial: Challenging Chicago's Unethical Settlement Practices, Craig B. Futterman

East Asia: Constitutional Courts in East Asia: Understanding Variation, Tom Ginsburg

The Constitutional Court and the Judicialization of Korean Politics, Tom Ginsburg

Abolition in the U.S.A. by 2050: On Political Capital and Ordinary Acts of Resistance., Bernard E. Harcourt

Borders of Punishment. A Critique of Immigrant Profiling., Bernard E. Harcourt

Firearms, Bernard E. Harcourt

La Strada Verso il Profiling Razziale è Lastricata di Immigrati, Bernard E. Harcourt

Randomization in Criminal Justice: A Criminal Law Conversation, Bernard E. Harcourt, Alon Harel, Ken Levy, and Michael O'Hear

A Note on French and English Officialities on the Eve of the Council of Trent, Richard H. Helmholz

English Law and the ius commune: The Law of Succession, Richard H. Helmholz

The Saga of Van Valkenburgh v. Lutz: Animosity and Adverse Possession in Yonkers, Richard H. Helmholz

Presumptions in Comparative Legal History, Richard H. Helmholz and W. David H. Sellar

Everything Old Is New Again: Lessons from Dodge v. Ford Motor Company, M. Todd Henderson

Limited Empathy, Aziz Huq

The Commander-in-Chief after 9/11, Aziz Huq

The Story of Hamid Karzai: The Paradoxes of State-Building and Human Rights, Aziz Huq

Philip Kurland, Dennis J. Hutchinson

After the Massacre: Secrecy, Disbelief, and the Public Sphere in Nepal, Genevieve Lakier and William Mazzarella

The Art of Law and Economics: An Autobiographical Essay, William M. Landes

Naturalizing Jurisprudence: Three Approaches, Brian Leiter

Nietzsche's Theory of the Will, Brian Leiter

For General Deterrence (Comment on Chapter 5, Paul H. Robinson, 'The Difficulties of Deterrence as a Distributive Principle'), Jonathan Masur, Richard H. McAdams, and Thomas J. Miles

Jury Nullification Checks Prosecutorial Power, Richard H. McAdams

The Political Economy of Criminal Law and Procedure: The Pessimists' View, Richard H. McAdams

Behavioral Criminal Law and Economics, Richard H. McAdams and Thomas S. Ulen

Bernard Williams: Tragedies, Hope, Justice, Martha Nussbaum

Iris Young’s Last Thoughts on Responsibility for Global Justice, Martha Nussbaum

Philosophical Norms and Political Attachments: Cicero and Seneca, Martha Nussbaum

Stoic Laughter: A Reading of Seneca’s Apocolocyntosis, Martha Nussbaum

Tagore, Dewey, and the Imminent Demise of Liberal Education, Martha Nussbaum

The Challenge of Gender Justice, Martha Nussbaum

The Clash Within: Democracy and the Hindu Right, Martha Nussbaum

Toleration, Compassion, and Mercy, Martha Nussbaum

Henry Hart's "Aims of the Criminal Law": A Reconsideration, Richard A. Posner

The Law and Economics Movement, Richard A. Posner

Gerald Rosenberg and The Hollow Hope, Gerald Rosenberg

Judicial Independence and the Reality of Political Power, Gerald Rosenberg

Submissions from 2008

Teaching Intelligent Design Is Not Teaching Religion, Albert W. Alschuler

Ensuring That Foreign Aid Is Effective: Raise the Level of Debate About Aid, Kenneth W. Dam

Tax and Corporate Governance: An Economic Approach, Mihir A. Desai and Dhammika Dharmapala

Tax and Corporate Governance: An Economic Approach, Dhammika Dharmapala and Mihir A. Desai

Altruism and Valuable Consideration in Organ Transplantation, Richard A. Epstein

Unilateral Practices and the Dominant Firm: The European Community and the United States, Richard A. Epstein

'Political Structure and Exclusionary Zoning: Are Small Suburbs the Big Problem?' (Commentary on William A. Fischel), Lee Anne Fennell

The Use of Statistical Evidence to Address Police Supervisory and Disciplinary Practices: The Chicago Police Department's Broken System, Craig B. Futterman, H. Melissa Mather, and Melanie Miles

Administrative Law and Judicial Control of Agents in Authoritarian Regimes, Tom Ginsburg

The Judicialization of Administrative Governance: Causes, Consequences and Limits, Tom Ginsburg

Administrative Law and Governance in Asia: Comparative Perspectives, Tom Ginsburg and Albert H.Y. Chen

Introduction: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes, Tom Ginsburg and Tamir Moustafa

Cesare Beccaria et Son Traité 'Des délits et des peines', Bernard E. Harcourt

Jacques Derrida, 'Force de loi,' et Son Influence sur the Movement Critical Legal Studies aux Etats-Unis, Bernard E. Harcourt

Moving Beyond Profiling: The Virtues of Randomization, Bernard E. Harcourt

Canon Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Quoniam Contra Falsam (X 2.19.11) and the Court Records of the English Church, Richard H. Helmholz

Western Canon Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Human Rights, Guantánamo, The Patriot Act, and Divorce, Aziz Huq