Submissions from 2012

Religion and Succession in the History of English Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Insider Trading and Executive Compensation: What We Can Learn from the Experience with Rule 10b5-1, M. Todd Henderson

Cómo explicar los desacuerdos entre juristas, Brian Leiter

El problema de la demarcación en la teoría del derecho: una razón más a favor del escepticismo, Brian Leiter

The circumstances of civility, Brian Leiter

Nietzsche: Daybreak, Brian Leiter and Maudemarie Clark

Commentary (commenting on Jessica L. Cohen and William T. Dickens, Adoption of Over-the-Counter Malaria Diagnostics in Africa: The Role of Subsidies, Beliefs, Externalities,and Competition (2012)), Anup Malani

The Welfare Effects of FDA Regulation of Drugs, Anup Malani and Tomas J. Philipson

Bill Stuntz and the Principal-Agent Problem in Criminal Law, Richard H. McAdams

The Focal Point Theory Of Expressive Law, Richard H. McAdams and Francesco Parisi

Depoliticizing Administrative Law, Thomas J. Miles and Cass R. Sunstein

Affirmative Action and the Goals of Education, Martha Nussbaum

Die lautlose Krise, Martha Nussbaum

Personal Laws and Equality: The Case of India, Martha Nussbaum

Preface, Martha Nussbaum

Economic Theory (Greek), Martha Nussbaum, Paul Anthony Cartledge, Simon Hornblower, Tony Spawforth, and Esther Eidinow

Abortion, Dignity, and a Capabilities Approach, Martha Nussbaum and Rosalind Dixon

Political Theory, Martha Nussbaum, Simon Hornblower, Tony Spawforth, and Esther Eidinow

Aristotle, Martha Nussbaum, Catherine Osborne, Simon Hornblower, Tony Spawforth, and Esther Eidinow

Heraclitus, Martha Nussbaum, Malcolm Schofield, Tony Spawforth, Simon Hornblower, and Esther Eidinow

Transitional Prudence: A Comment on David Dyzenhaus, Leviathan as A Theory of Transitional Justice, Eric Posner

Transitional Prudence: A Comment on David Dyzenhaus, Leviathan as a Theory of Transitional Justice, Eric A. Posner

Tyrannophobia, Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule

Financial Regulatory Reform: The Politics of Denial, Richard A. Posner

Foreword, Richard A. Posner

Law and Economics, Richard A. Posner

The FDA and Plan B: The Legislative History of the Durham-Humphrey Amendments and the Consideration of Social Harms in the Rx-OTC Switch, Greg Reilly

Transfer Pricing in the Courts: A Cross-Country Comparison, Julie Roin

Defending the Future: The Fundamental Right to Effective Defense Counsel, Geoffrey R. Stone

The Story Of The Sedition Act Of 1798: 'The Reign Of Witches', Geoffrey R. Stone

Counterterrorism’s New Frontier: Intelligence Collection and Law Enforcement, Geoffrey R. Stone, John O. Brennan, Bennie Thompson, and Philip Mudd

Submissions from 2011

Feminist Fundamentalism on the Frontier Between Government and Family Responsibility for Children, Mary Anne Case

The Peculiar Stake U.S. Protestants Have in the Question of State Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage., Mary Anne Case

Constitutional Amendment Rules: The Denominator Problem, Rosalind Dixon and Richard T. Holden


The Limits of Constitutional Convergence, Rosalind Dixon and Eric A. Posner

Deferred Prosecution Agreements on Trial: Lessons from the Law of Unconstitutional Conditions, Richard A. Epstein

What Is So Special About Intangible Property? The Case for Intelligent Carryovers, Richard A. Epstein

Constitutional Endurance, Tom Ginsburg

Constitutional Specificity: Some Preliminary Investigations, Tom Ginsburg

In Defense of Imperialism? -- The Rule of Law and the State-building Project, Tom Ginsburg

Lawrence Friedman's Comparative Law, Tom Ginsburg

The Future of National Constitutions in a Global World, Tom Ginsburg

The Politics of Constitutional Courts: Four Moments in Asia, Tom Ginsburg

El Camino Hacia el Profiling Racial Está Pavimentado con Migrantes, Bernard E. Harcourt

La Route du Profilage 'Racial' a été Pavée par des Immigrants, Bernard E. Harcourt

Matrimonial Litigation In Pre-Reformation Scotland: A Brief Comparison With The Continent, Richard H. Helmholz

Natural Law and the Trial of Thomas More, Richard H. Helmholz

Regulating The Number Of Proctors In The English Ecclesiastical Courts: Evidence From An Early Tudor Tract, Richard H. Helmholz

Who Is Nietzsche's 'Sovereign Individual'?, Brian Leiter

Economics of Infectious Diseases, Anup Malani and Ramanan Laxminarayan

The Expressive Power of Adjudication in an Evolutionary Context, Richard H. McAdams

Criminal Procedure: Empirical Analysis, Thomas J. Miles and Chris William Sanchirico

Democratic Desire: Walt Whitman, Martha Nussbaum

'Faint with Secret Knowledge': Love and Vision in Murdoch’s The Black Prince, Martha Nussbaum

The Capabilities Approach and Animal Entitlements, Martha Nussbaum

The Capabilities Approach and Ethical Cosmopolitanism: The Challenge of Political Liberalism, Martha Nussbaum

Foreword, Martha Nussbaum and Iris Marion Young

Constitutional Possibility and Constitutional Evolution, Eric Posner

On Being Overinvested in Law as a Weapon against Terrorism, Richard A. Posner

Regulation (Agencies) versus Litigation (Courts): An Analytic Framework, Richard A. Posner

Walras, Keynes, and the ‘Great Recession’, Richard A. Posner

Foreword, Richard A. Posner and Gary S. Becker

Economic Perspectives on Obesity Policy, Richard A. Posner and Tomas J. Philipson

'Electoral Exceptionalism' and the First Amendment, Geoffrey R. Stone

Less Regulation, More Reputation, Lior Strahilevitz

Unilateral Relinquishment of Property, Lior Strahilevitz

Instrument Choice Is Instrument Design, David A. Weisbach

The Regulation of Tax Advice and Advisors, David A. Weisbach

Submissions from 2010

An Information Theory of Willful Breach, Omri Ben-Shahar

Feminist Fundamentalism and the Baby Markets, Mary Anne Case

No Male or Female, Mary Anne Case

Why Not Abolish the Laws of Urinary Segregation?, Mary Anne Case

G20 and IMF Governance Reform, Kenneth W. Dam

Tax Incentives for Affordable Housing: The Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Mihir A. Desai, Dhammika Dharmapala, and Monica Singhal

Taxing the Bandit Kings, Dhammika Dharmapala and Mihir A. Desai

The Imperfect Art of Medical Malpractice Reform, Richard A. Epstein

The Many Faces of Fault in Contract Law: Or How to Do Economics Right, Without Really Trying, Richard A. Epstein

Possession Puzzles, Lee Anne Fennell and Michael Allan Wolf

How Does International Law Work?, Tom Ginsburg

Judicial Independence in East Asia: Implications for China, Tom Ginsburg

Public Choice and Constitutional Design, Tom Ginsburg

The Politics of Courts in Democratization, Tom Ginsburg

Written Constitutions and the Administrative State: On the Consitutitonal Character of Administrative Law, Tom Ginsburg

Constitutional Specificity, Unwritten Understandings and Constitutional Agreement, Tom Ginsburg and Andras Sajo

Beccaria, Cesare Bonesana, Marchese di (1738-1794), Bernard E. Harcourt

Derrida, Jacques (1930-2004), Bernard E. Harcourt

The Road to Racial Profiling Was Paved By Immigrants, Bernard E. Harcourt

Alberico Gentili e il Rinascimento. La formazione giuridica in Inghilterra, Richard H. Helmholz

Citations and the Construction of Procedural Law in the Ius Commune, Richard H. Helmholz

Human Rights in the Canon Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Preface, Richard H. Helmholz

Were the English Ecclesiastical Tribunals Courts of Law?, Richard H. Helmholz

American Legal Realism, Brian Leiter

Cleaning Cyber-Cesspools: Google and Free Speech, Brian Leiter

Cómo explicar los desacuerdos entre juristas, Brian Leiter

Nietzsche, Brian Leiter

Nietzsche, Brian Leiter

Legal Positivism, Brian Leiter and Jules L. Coleman

Nietzsche, Brian Leiter and D. Pritchard

Legal Positivism, Brian Leiter and Michael Sevel