Submissions from 2008

Benjamin N. Cardozo, Dennis J. Hutchinson and Peter Cane

Drawing and Redrawing the Line: The Pre-Revolutionary Origins of Federal Ideas of Sovereignty, Alison LaCroix

Dartmouth College v. Woodward, Alison LaCroix and David S. Tanenhaus

'Ogden v. Saunders', Alison LaCroix and David S. Tanenhaus

Against Convergent Moral Realism: The Respective Roles of Philosophical Argument and Empirical Evidence, Brian Leiter

The Case for Nietzschean Moral Psychology, Brian Leiter and Joshua Knobe

Comment on Chapter 3 (Burman, Garrett and Khitatrakun), Anup Malani

Expectations Mediate Objective Physiological Placebo Effects, Anup Malani and Dan Houser

Social Control and Crime., Richard H. McAdams

Economic Analyses of Deterrence: Empirical, Thomas J. Miles, Steven Levitt, Lawrence Blume, and Steven Durlauf

Capabilities as Fundamental Entitlements: Sen and Social Justice, Martha Nussbaum

Commentary on Kamtekar, Martha Nussbaum

Constitutions and Capabilities, Martha Nussbaum

Fornuft og Følelser, Martha Nussbaum

Human Dignity and Political Entitlements, Martha Nussbaum

In Defense of Universal Values, Martha Nussbaum

Menschenrechte und Fähigkeiten über Grenzen hinweg, Martha Nussbaum

The ‘Morality of Pity’: Sophocles’ Philoctetes, Martha Nussbaum

Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism, Martha Craven Nussbaum

Diplomacy, Arbitration, and International Courts, Eric Posner

Public Policy Toward Catastrophes, Richard A. Posner

Sex Selection - Posner's Comment, Richard A. Posner

The Economics of Capital Punishment, Richard A. Posner

Why Creative Capitalism Would Make Things Worse, Richard A. Posner

Appendix: Sample Cross Examination, Alison Siegler

Liberté d'expression et sécurité nationale, Geoffrey R. Stone

The Vietnam War: Spying on Americans, Geoffrey R. Stone

Woodrow Wilson's First Amendment, Geoffrey R. Stone

A Brief Primer on Debt Instruments with Contingent Payments, David A. Weisbach

Implementing Income and Consumption Taxes, David A. Weisbach

Tax Shelters, David A. Weisbach

Submissions from 2007

A Place for Mercy., Albert W. Alschuler

Taxation and the Evolution of Aggregate Corporate Ownership Concentration, Dhammika Dharmapala, Mihir A. Desai, and Winnie Fung

Conclusion: Preemption Doctrine and Its Limits, Richard A. Epstein and Michael Greve

Preemption in Context, Richard A. Epstein and Michael Greve

The Use of Statistical Evidence to Address Police Supervisory and Disciplinary Practices: The Chicago Police Department's Broken System, Craig B. Futterman, H. Melissa Mather, and Melanie Miles

Law and the Liberal Transformation of the Northeast Asian Legal Complex, Tom Ginsburg

The Global Spread of Judicial Review, Tom Ginsburg

The Politics of Transparency in Japanese Administrative Law, Tom Ginsburg

The Unreluctant Litigant? Japan's Turn Toward Litigation, Tom Ginsburg

Ways of Criticizing Public Choice: Empiricism and the Use of Theory in Legal Scholarship, Tom Ginsburg

What We Know and What We Don't Know About Law and Economic Development, Tom Ginsburg

Gobierno Judicial y Consejo Judiciales: una Miranda desde el Derecho y law Economía, Tom Ginsburg and Nuno Garoupa

Muslim Profiles Post 9/11: Is Racial Profiling an Effective Counterterrorist Measure and Does it Violate the Right to be Free from Discrimination?, Bernard E. Harcourt

Marriage Agreements in Medieval England, Richard H. Helmholz

Sir Daniel Dun, All Souls College, and the Civil Law, Richard H. Helmholz

The New Counterterrorism: Investigating Terrorism, Investigating Muslims, Aziz Huq

Illiberal Democracy and the Problem of Law: Street Protest and Democratization in Multiparty Nepal, Genevieve Lakier and Mahendra Lawoti

Morality Critics, Brian Leiter

Introduction, Brian Leiter and Michael Rosen

Introduction, Brian Leiter and Neil Sinhababu

Constructing Focal Points through Legal Expression: An Experimental Test, Richard H. McAdams and Janice Nadler

Norms and the Law, Richard H. McAdams and Eric B. Rasmusen

The Empirical Study of Criminal Punishment, Thomas J. Miles and Steven Levitt

Timbers of Inwood Forest, the Economics of Rent, and the Evolving Dynamics of Chapter 11, Edward Morrison

A Novel in Which Nothing Happens: Fontane’s Der Stechlin and Literary Friendship, Martha Nussbaum

Compassion and Terror, Martha Nussbaum

Extract from 'Women and Cultural Universals,' Sex and Social Justice (1999), Martha Nussbaum

Fatti che possono accadere, Martha Nussbaum

Feminism, Virtue, and Objectification, Martha Nussbaum

Sex and Social Justice, Martha Nussbaum

The Oedipus Rex and the Ancient Unconscious, Martha Nussbaum

‘Where the Dark Feelings Hold Sway’: Running to Music, Martha Nussbaum

The Unconventional Use of Transaction Costs, Ariel Porat and David Gilo

Cognitive Theory as the Ground of Political Theory in Plato, Popper, Dewey, and Hayek., Richard A. Posner

Thinking about Catastrophe, Richard A. Posner

Can Income from Capital Be Taxed? An International Perspective, Julie Roin

The Economic Underpinning of International Taxation, Julie Roin

The Economic Underpinnings of International Taxation, Julie Roin

Substituting Symbol for Substance: What Did Brown Really Accomplish?, Gerald Rosenberg

Implementing the Federal Fair Housing Act: The Adjudication of Complaints, Michael H. Schill

Reflecting on New York City's Housing Policy: 1987-2004, Michael H. Schill and Jerilyn Perine

Should We Tax Capital Income? Comments on Zodrow and Toder and Rueben, David A. Weisbach

Private Dispute Resolution in International Law, Diane P. Wood

Submissions from 2006

Reconstructing Contracts: Hamer v. Sidway, Douglas G. Baird

The Story of INS v. AP, Douglas G. Baird

Scope and Method, Ronald H. Coase

The Marginal Cost Controversy, Ronald H. Coase

Contract, not Regulation: UCITA and High-Tech Consumers Meet Their Consumer Protection Critics, Richard A. Epstein

Mandatory Retirement for Supreme Court Justices, Richard A. Epstein

ProCD v. Zeidenberg: Do Doctrine and Function Mix?, Richard A. Epstein

Second-Order Rationality, Richard A. Epstein

The Optimal Complexity of Legal Rules, Richard A. Epstein

The Protection of Liberty, Property, and Equality., Richard A. Epstein

The Structural Unity of Real and Intellectual Property, Richard A. Epstein

Weak and Strong Conceptions of Poverty: An Essay in Memory of Jim Harris, Richard A. Epstein

Group Report: What Is the Role of Heuristics in Making Law?, Richard A. Epstein and Jonathan Haidt

Hyperopia in Public Finance, Lee Anne Fennell

Exclusion's Attraction: Land Use Controls in Tieboutian Perspective, Lee Anne Fennell and William A. Fischel

Mongolia, Tom Ginsburg

The Regulation of Regulation, Tom Ginsburg

The Unreluctant Litigant? Japan's Turn Toward Litigation, Tom Ginsburg

The Warren Court in East Asia: An Essay in Comparative Law, Tom Ginsburg

The Road to Racial Profiling, Bernard E. Harcourt

Foreword, Richard H. Helmholz

The Ratio decidendi in England - Evidence from the Civilian Tradition, Richard H. Helmholz

Thomas More and the Canon Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Foreword, Richard H. Helmholz and R. B. Outhwaite

Bitter Fruit: Constitutional Gender Equality Comes to the Military, Aziz Huq

Democratic Norms, Human Rights and States of Emergency: Lessons from the Experience of Four Countries, Aziz Huq