Book chapters or other book sections written or edited by faculty and other members of the University of Chicago Law School community.


Submissions from 2021

Law and War in the New World: The Last of the Mohicans, The Spy, and the Pioneers, Douglas Baird

Do Multinational Firms Use Tax Havens to the Detriment of Non-haven Countries, Dhammika Dharmapala

Racism in Law Enforcement, Craig Futterman

Comparative Constitutional Law: State of the Discipline, Tom Ginsburg

Law and Literature after the Pacific War: Endo Shusaku’s The Sea and the Poison, Tom Ginsburg

Niccolò dei Tedeschi (Panormitanus) (1386-1445), Richard Helmholz

How War Makes (and Unmakes) the Democratic State: Reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Exit West In A Populism Age, Aziz Huq

The Interactions of Administrative Justice and Constitutionalism, Aziz Huq

Undivided Loyalty: The Problem of Allegiance in the Literature of War, Alison LaCroix and William Birdthistle

The Role of Judges in Democracies: A Realistic View, Brian Leite

Legal Positivism as a Realist Theory of Law, Brian Leiter

June Medical Services v. Russo on State Regulation of Abortion Clinics, Gerald Rosenberg

Accelerating and Smoothing the Transition Away from Coal, Mark Templeton

A Solution to the Leakage Problem, David Weisbach and Samuel Kortem

Submissions from 2020

Property as the Law of Complements, Lee Fennell

Constitutional Epistemology, Tom Ginsburg

Democratic Erosion without Prerequisites? Poland and the Two Liberalisms, Tom Ginsburg

From Signal to Legality: Meiji Japan and Authoritarian Constitutionalism, Tom Ginsburg

From Signal to Legality: Meiji Japan and Authoritarian Constitutionalism, Tom Ginsburg

Thailand's Democratic Moment: The Constitution of 1997, Tom Ginsburg

Democratic Erosion Without Prerequisites? Poland and the Two Liberalisms, Tom Ginsburg, Uladzislau Belavusau, and Aleksandra Gliszczynska-Grabias

The ius gentium and the Canon Law in England, 1550-1750, Richard Helmholz

Economic Perspectives on Free Speech, Daniel Hemel

Alexander Hamilton's Legacy: The American Board of Directors, M Henderson

The Problem Isn't the Use of Analogies but the Analogies Courts Use, Genevieve Lakier and David Pozen

Copyright, William M. Landes and Trilce N. Hernandez

Economic Theories of Discrimination: The Positive and the Normative, Richard McAdams

Crucified by the War Machine: Britten’s War Requiem and the Hope of Postwar Resurrection, Martha Nussbaum

La Debilidad de Las Furias, Martha Nussbaum

Commentary on McGuire v. McGuire, Zvi Triger, Mary Anne Case, and Martha Ertman

Submissions from 2019

The Unfulfilled Promise of Mortgage Disclosures, Omri Ben-Shahar


U.S War Powers and the Potential Benefits of Comparativism, Curtis Bradley


US War Powers and the Potential Benefit of Comparativism, Curtis A. Bradley

Scalia as Procrustes for the Majority, Scalia as Cassandra in Dissent, Mary Anne Case

Constitutional Advice and Transnational Legal Order, Tom Ginsburg

Constitutional Design and Territorial Cleavages, Tom Ginsburg

Constitution-Making as Transnational Legal Ordering, Tom Ginsburg, Gregory Shaffer, and Terrence Halliday

Fiduciary Principles in Canon Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Theoretical Disagreements in Law: Another Look, Brian Leiter

Submissions from 2018

Why Comparative International Law Needs International Relations Theory, Daniel Abebe

The Court, or The Constitution?, William Baude and Heidi Hurd

Dialogue & Epilogue, Lee C. Bollinger and Geoffrey R. Stone

Gender Performance Requirements of the US Military in the War on Islamic Terrorism, Mary Anne Case

The Dalit Body: A Reading for the Anthropocene, Dipesh Chakrabarty

Constitutions as Political Insurance: Variants and Limits, Rosalind Dixon and Tom Ginsburg

Of Big Black Bucks and Golden-Haired Little Girls: How Fear of Miscegenation Informed Brown v. Board of Education and Its Resistance, Justin Driver

Meeting the Fundamental Objections to Classical Liberalism, Richard A. Epstein

Difficulties with Measuring the Rule of Law, Tom Ginsburg

Freedom of Expression Abroad: The State of Play, Tom Ginsburg


Objections to Treaty Reservations: A Comparative Approach to Decentralized Interpretation, Tom Ginsburg

Avoiding Rights, Tom Ginsburg and Chimid Enbaatar

The Will of Filippa Fleming (1578), Family Relations, and Swedish Inheritance Law, Richard H. Helmholz

Diego de Covarrubias y Leiva, Richard H. Helmholz and Rafael Domingo

Classical Liberalism, Race, and Mass Incarceration, Aziz Huq

Constitutionalism, Legitimacy, and Public Order: A South African Case Study, Aziz Huq

What is the Case against Muslims?, Aziz Huq

Defining and Tracking the Trajectory of Liberal Constitutional Democracy, Aziz Huq and Tom Ginsburg

How We Lost Constitutional Democracy, Aziz Huq and Tom Ginsburg

Constitutional Drafting in Latin America: A Quantitative Perspective, David S. Law and Tom Ginsburg

Justifying Academic Freedom, Brian Leiter

Legal Positivism about the Artifact Law: A Retrospective Assessment, Brian Leiter

The History of Philosophy Reveals that 'Great' Philosophy is Disguised Moral Advocacy: A Nietzschean Case against the Socratic Canon in Philosophy, Brian Leiter

Why Academic Freedom?, Brian Leiter

Regulating Retirement and Wrinkles in an Age of Prejudice, Saul Levmore

Economic Theories of Discrimination: The Positive and the Normative, Richard H. McAdams

Platforms and Adjacent Market Competition: A Look at Recent History, Randal C. Picker

The Dictator's Handbook, US Edition, Eric A. Posner

The Trump Presidency: A Constitutional Crisis in the United States?, Eric A. Posner

Aligning Campaign Finance Law, Nicholas Stephanopoulos

"It Can't Happen Here": The Lessons of History, Geoffrey R. Stone

Keeping Secrets, David A. Strauss

Law and the Slow-Motion Emergency, David A. Strauss

Class and Classification: The Role of Disgust in Regulating Social Status, Laura Weinrib

Rethinking the Myth of the Modern First Amendment, Laura Weinrib

Submissions from 2017

Economics of Contract Law, Douglas G. Baird

Well-Being and Public Policy, John Bronsteen, Christopher Buccafusco, and Jonathan Masur

A Patchwork Array of Theocratic Fiefdoms? RFRA Claims against the ACA's Contraception Mandate as Examples of the New Feudalism, Mary Anne Case

Le patriarcat chez le pape François, et en particulier dans Amoris Laetitia ("Forms of Patriarchy in Amoris Laetitia and in the Papacy of Francis"), Mary Anne Case

Seeing the Sex and Justice Landscape through the Vatican's Eyes: The War on Gender and the Seamless Garment of Sexual Rights, Mary Anne Case

Why “Live and Let Live” Is Not a Viable Solution to the Difficult Problems of Religious Accommodation in the Age of Sexual Civil Rights, Mary Anne Case

The Economics of Corporate and Business Tax Reform, Dhammika Dharmapala

Comparative Constitutional Law in Latin America - An Introduction, Rosalind Dixon and Tom Ginsburg

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a Constitutional Model, Zachary Elkins, Tom Ginsburg, and James Melton

Optimal Constitutional Structure, Richard A. Epstein

Legislative Sunrises: Transitions, Veiled Commitments, and Carbon Taxes, Frank Fagan and Saul Levmore

Introduction, Lee Anne Fennell and Benjamin J. Keys

Special Economic Zones: A Constitutional Political Economy Perspective, Tom Ginsburg

The Design of Constitutions, Tom Ginsburg

The Scholar as Reformer, Tom Ginsburg

Written Constitutions and the Administrative State: On the Constitutional Character of Administrative Law, Tom Ginsburg

Playing for Constitutional Time: Interim Constitutions and Transitional Provision, Tom Ginsburg and Eric Alston

Constitutional Correlates Of The Rule Of Law, Tom Ginsburg and Mila Versteeg

Natural Law and Christianity: A Brief History, Richard H. Helmholz

William Lyndwood, Richard H. Helmholz

Firms without Boards: Unleashing the Hayekian Firm, M. Todd Henderson

Introduction, Mark Hill and Richard H. Helmholz

Death and Dignity in American Law, Emma Kaufman

Philosophy of Law, Brian Leiter and Michael Sevel

Intellectual Property and Legislative Innovation, Saul Levmore

Interest Groups and the Durability of Law, Saul Levmore