Selected papers and dissertations authored by students while enrolled at the University of Chicago Law School.


Submissions from 2021


Extra! Extra! Read All about It: Failures in the Association between Law and Social Science, Hancock Spitzer

Submissions from 2019


The Point of Equal Access to Justice : on the Duty to, at all Times and Provisionally, Pause, Cool Down and Listen, Marcos Segatti

Submissions from 2018


Regulating Reputation in China: Privacy, Falsehoods, and Social Credit, Xin Dai


Interpreting Immutable Legal Texts : the Posnerian Pragmatism of Islamic Law, Pramudya Azhar Oktavinanda


A Government of Judges: a Story of the Pakistani Supreme Court's Strategic Expansion, Asher Asif Qazi

Submissions from 2016


Missing the Wood For the Trees: a Critical Exploration of the Supreme Court of India's Chronic Struggle With Its Docket, Rishan Ahmed Chowdhury


Judicial Politics of the Mexican Subnational Administrative Courts, Adriana Garcia Garcia


Formality, Procedure, and Judicial Behavior, Zhuang Liu

Submissions from 2008

I Spy With My Little Eye: an Economic Analysis of Industrial Espionage and the Scope of Protection for Trade Secrets, Shira Brezis

Mandatory Divorce Mediation in Taiwan : Legal Regime, Judicial Attitudes and Public Opinions, I-Hsun Chou

Free as the Air?: Legal Protection for TV Formats, Neta-li E. Gottlieb

Submissions from 2007

Famous Trademarks, Snobbism and Anti-Dilution : an Economic Analysis, John Shahar Dillbary

Reconstructing a Divided Society : Learning from Northeast Bosnia, Matthew T. Parish

Submissions from 2006

Revisiting the Role of Consumer Welfare in Dictating Antitrust Enforcement and Reconciling Divergent Competition Policy Within the Realm of Tying Arrangements, Alan Devlin

Submissions from 2005

A Proposed Expansionary Role for the International Monetary Fund in the Area of Banking, Thaweelap Rittapirom

Submissions from 2003


Regulation by Networks, Amitai Aviram


Environmental Risk Assessment in a Democratic and Global World, Catherine Choquette


Law and Economics of the Mexican Competition Laws, Francisco González de Cossio


The Integration of Taxes and Transfers, Jacob Nussim

Criminal Behavior, Sanctions, and Income Taxation: an Economic Analysis, Avraham D. Tabbach

Submissions from 2001


Reform of the European Community Courts, Elizabeth Heffernan

Submissions from 2000


The Greek Divorce Law Reform of 1983 and Its Impact on Homemakers : a Social and Economic Analysis, Aspasia Tsaoussis-Hatzis

Submissions from 1999


An Economic Theory of Greek Contract Law, Aristides N. Hatzis


The First Debate on the Rule of Law, Weidong Wang

Submissions from 1998

Computer Hackers and Rogue Programs : Is There a Cure?, Assaf Jacob

Submissions from 1997


Institutional Structures and Policy Outcomes : the "Americanization" of Environmental Regulation in Canada, Andrew James Green

The Regulation of Cyberspace : Computer Technology, Law, and Self-Regulation on the Internet, Ching-Yi Liu

Privacy and Social Norms : Social Control by Reputational Costs, Yuval Tal

Submissions from 1995

Taiwan's Proposed Adoption of the Right to Silence : a Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Study of the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, Jaw-Perng Wang

Submissions from 1993

Representation and Irrationality : the Philosophical Foundations of the Representative System, Roberto Gargarella

International Oil Pollution Litigation in United States Courts : the Amoco Cadiz Saga, Miguel Odriozola

Submissions from 1992

The Commercialization of Intercountry Adoption, Kebere Assefa

Submissions from 1976

Developments in American Legal Education at the Turn of the Twentieth Century : the Founding of the University of Chicago Law School, Frank L. Ellsworth

Submissions from 1975

Servitudes in Residential Private Government Systems, Uriel Reichman

Submissions from 1972

Community Law in the French Courts the Law of Treaties in Modern Attire, Eric E. Bergsten

Submissions from 1971

The Chinese, the Courts, and the Constitution: a Study of the Legal Issues Raised by Chinese Immigration to the United States, 1850-1902, Janisch N. Hudson

Submissions from 1970

Succession to Property Among the Yorubas of Nigeria with Special Reference to Customary Law, Michael Olutayo Adesanya

Food Aid and International Agricultural Trade : a Study in Legal and Administrative Control, Robert L. Bard

Submissions from 1964

The International Law-Making Process : a Case Study on the International Regulation of Space Telecommunication, Frederick Wickett Huszagh

Problems and Peculiarities of the American Juvenile Court: Some Lessons for Greece., Calliope Nomikou

Submissions from 1963

Ghana Land Law; an Exposition, Analysis, and Critique, Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill

Submissions from 1962

Military Desertion, Alfred Avins

Submissions from 1961

The Settlement of Merchants' Disputes by Merchants : an Approach to the Study of the History of Commercial Law, William C. Jones

Submissions from 1959

The Style of Appelate Judicial Opinions: a Case Study, J. Gillis Wetter

Submissions from 1958

A Comparative View of the Formation and Effect of Precedent, Gillis J. Wetter

Submissions from 1939

Trust Dissolution: Problems of Disintegrating Business Units of Monopolistic Size, George E. Hale

Submissions from 1937

The Power to Carry on the Business of a Decedent, Harry Adelman

Submissions from 1936

Quasi Contractual Recovery in the Law of Sales, Arthur Anderson

Submissions from 1933

Problems Presented by the French System Conflict of Laws in Regard to the Prerequisites and Incidents of the Marriage of the Alien, Sydney Seymour Biro