Created in 1985, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton stipulated that the primary purpose of this gift was to fund an annual lecture in legal history, though they allowed the Law School to use any unspent income for library acquisitions. Links to full-text are provided when available. Beginning in 2006, the lectures were recorded and in beginning in 2008, they were also videotaped. After 2008, printed papers were no longer made available. No recordings are available for the 2015 lecture. Additional files include event posters when available.


Submissions from 2023


Writing America’s Constitutions, Nicholas Cole

Submissions from 2021


Vanguard : Leading on Vioting Rights, Leading the Nation, Martha S. Jones

Submissions from 2019


Why Madison Matters : Rethinking Democracy in America, James T. Kloppenberg

Submissions from 2018


F.W. Maitland, Common Law and Civil Law, John Hudson

Submissions from 2017


The Long Reach of the Sixties: LBJ, Nixon, and the Making of the Contemporary Supreme Court, Laura Kalman

Submissions from 2016


Weapons of Truth : Money, Propaganda, and Civil Liberties in World War I America, John Fabian Witt

Submissions from 2014


The Honor and Burden of Being First: Judge Constance Baker Motley, Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Submissions from 2013


Civil War: a Genealogy, David Armitage

Submissions from 2012


The Popular Press and the Law in Pre-Industrial England, James Oldham

Submissions from 2011


Quantum Meruit and Old Age Care in American Family Life, Hendrik Hartog

Submissions from 2010


The Spirit of the Law: Separation of Church and State from 1945-1990, Sarah Barringer Gordon

Submissions from 2009


The Verdict of Battle, James Q. Whitman

Submissions from 2008


Forswearing Allegiance, Gerhard Casper

Submissions from 2007


From the Mercantilist World to Market-Based Liberalism: Money as a Constitutional Medium, Christine Desan

Submissions from 2006


Ethics and Corruption in Business and Government: Interdependence and Adverse Consequences, Richard Painter

Submissions from 2005


Rules of Law and Economic Realities: an Historical Reconsideration, Avner Greif

Submissions from 2004


The European Convention on Human Rights: Taking Stock after Half a Century, Alfred William Brian Simpson

Submissions from 2003


The American Jury Project and the Chicago Law School, Franklin E. Zimring

Submissions from 2001


Fundamental Human Rights in Medieval Law, Richard H. Helmholz


Hesitating to Look in the Mirror: German jurisprudence after 1933 and after 1945, Michael Stolleis

Submissions from 2000

A Tale of Two Confederations: the Iroquois, the Americans and the Origins of a Constitutional Dilemma, Jack Rakove

Submissions from 1999

The Origins of Defensive Safeguard in Anglo-American Criminal Procedure, John H. Langbein

Submissions from 1997


Interaction of Spiritual and Secular Law: The Sixteenth-Century and Today, Harold J. Berman

Submissions from 1996


Law and Morals in Classical Legal Thought, Herbert Hovenkamp

Submissions from 1994


Natural Rights: Before and After Columbus, Brian Tierney

Submissions from 1993

Karl Llewellyn's Unfinished Agenda, William L. Twining

Submissions from 1990


Judge Holmes' Life Plan: Confronting Passion, Ambition and Powerlessness, G. Edward White

Submissions from 1989

States' Wrongs, Individuals' Rights and the Nation's Duty: Our First Civil Rights Act, Harold Hyman

Submissions from 1987

The Monastic Judge: Social Practice and Formal Rule in Medieval Marriage, Charles Donahue Jr.