Dean of the University of Chicago Law School: 1999-2001


Daniel R. Fischel is the Lee and Brena Freeman Professor Emeritus of Law and Business, Senior Lecturer at the Law School. His academic interests include corporations, corporate finance, and financial market regulation. He has taught a variety of courses on corporate law and corporate finance at the Law School.

His 1982 article in Business Law, “Use of Modern Finance Theory in Securities Fraud Cases Involving Actively Traded Securities,” was a landmark addition to the growing field of economic applications in securities fraud litigation.

In addition to many journal articles, Fischel has written two books: The Economic Structure of Corporate Law (1991), which he co-authored with Frank H. Easterbrook and Payback: The Conspiracy to Destroy Michael Milken and the Financial Revolution He Created (1995). The former has become a classic textbook on the use of economic analysis in corporate law.