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Submissions from 2022


Democracy, Social Media, and Free Expression, Luís Roberto Barroso

Submissions from 2021


What Trump's Taught Us: Navigating Constitutional Conflicts Outside the Courts, Michael J. Gerhardt

Submissions from 2019


Chief Justice John Roberts : Defining the Supreme Court as Its Leader and at the Center, Joan Biskupic

Submissions from 2017


The Rule of Law Under Siege, Sally Quillian Yates

Submissions from 2016


North Korea and Our Dilemma : How to Secure Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity by a Recalcitrant Nuclear State?, Michael D. Kirby

The Future of Reproductive Rights, Cecile Richards

Submissions from 2010


A New Mandate for Human Rights : Why a Half Century of Human Rights Activism and International Development Is Failing the Poor, and What Can Be Done About It, Gary Haugen

Submissions from 2006


Judicial Activism : Power Without Responsibility, Stephen G. Breyer