Volume 64, Number 4 (2021)


Meet the Oligarchs: Business Legitimacy and Taxation at the Top
Rafael Di Tella, Juan Dubra, and Alejandro Lagomarsino


Who Benefits from Bans on Employers’ Credit Checks?
Leora Friedberg, Richard M. Hynes, and Nathaniel Pattison


Coordinated Effects in Merger Review
Simon Loertscher and Leslie M. Marx


The Impacts of the Lifeline Subsidy on High-Speed Internet Access
Samara Mendez, Gabor Molnar, and Scott J. Savage


The Unintended Effects of Ban-the-Box Laws on Crime
Joseph J. Sabia, Thanh Tam Nguyen, Taylor Mackay, and Dhaval Dave


The Deterrence Effect of Whistleblowing
Niels Johannesen and Tim B.M. Stolper