Volume 54 (Markets, Firms, and Property Rights: A Celebration of the Research of Ronald Coase)


The Coase Centennial
Richard A. Epstein


Radio Spectrum and the Disruptive Clarity of Ronald Coase
Thomas W. Hazlett, David Porter, and Vernon L. Smith


Using Spectrum Auctions to Enhance Competition in Wireless Services
Peter Cramton, Evan Kwerel, Gregory Rosston, and Andrzej Skrzypacz


Large-Scale Institutional Changes: Land Demarcation in the British Empire
Gary D. Libecap, Dean Lueck, and Trevor O'Grady


Keynes and Coase
Richard A. Posner


Land Property Rights and Resource Allocation
Sebastian Galiani and Ernesto Schargrodsky


Ronald Coase's First Amendment
Geoffrey R. Stone


Measuring Coase's Influence
William M. Landes and Sonia Lahr-Pastor


The Enduring Power of Coase
Elizabeth Hoffman and Matthew Spitzer


Making Coasean Property More Coasean
Thomas W. Merrill and Henry E. Smith