Volume 47, Number 1 (2004)


The Response of Criminals and Noncriminals to Fines
Avner Bar-Ilan and Bruce Sacerdote


The Political Economy of Property Exemption Laws
Richard M. Hynes, Anup Malani, and Eric Posner


Research and Development Alliances: Evidence from a Federal Contracts Repository
Conrad S. Ciccotello, Martin J. Hornyak, and Michael S. Piwowar


An Empirical Investigation of the Competitive Effects of Domestic Airline Alliances
Gustavo E. Bamberger, Dennis W. Carlton, and Lynette R. Neumann


Financial Disclosure and Bond Insurance
Angela K. Gore, Kevin Sachs, and Charles Trzcinka


On the Incidence and Variety of Low-Price Guarantees
Maria Arbatskaya, Morten Hviid, and Gregory Shaffer