Volume 24, Number 3 (1981) Consumer Protection Regulation: A Conference Sponsored by the Center for the Study of the Economy and the State


Front Matter
Editorial Staff


Comments on Weicher
Dennis W. Carlton


Comments on Weicher
G. S. Goldstein


Comments on Peltzman
Paul L. Joskow


Comments on Peltzman
Phillip Nelson


Comments on Grossman
Hayne E. Leland


The Efficient Regulation of Consumer Information
Howard Beales, Richard Craswell, and Steven C. Salop


The Effects of Government Regulation on Teenage Smoking
Eugene M. Lewit, Douglas Coate, and Michael Grossman


Governmental Regulation of Cigarette Health Information
Lynne Schneider, Benjamin Klein, and Kevin Murphy


Comments on Jarrell
Rodney T. Smith