Submissions from 1959

Frederick Moore Vinson, Philip B. Kurland

Lord Brougham, Philip B. Kurland

Lord Campbell, Philip B. Kurland

Lord Cockburn, Philip B. Kurland

Lord Thurlow, Philip B. Kurland

Mr. Justice Holmes, Philip B. Kurland

Section 7 of the Clayton Act and the Regulated Industries, Edward Hirsch Levi

Submissions from 1958

John Marshall, Philip B. Kurland

Submissions from 1956

Blackmail, Philip B. Kurland

U.S. Supreme Court, Philip B. Kurland

Sociology of Law, Hans Zeisel

Submissions from 1955

The Postal Monopoly in Great Britain: An Historical Survey, Ronald H. Coase

Mergers, Edward Hirsch Levi

Mergers, Edward Hirsch Levi

Submissions from 1950


Introduction, 1967, Phil C. Neal

Submissions from 1944

International Cartels and the Law, Edward Hirsch Levi

Submissions from 1930

Legal Aspects of Philanthrophy, Ernst Freund

Submissions from 1923


Historical Survey, Ernst Freund

Submissions from 1919


Prolegomena to a Science of Legislation, Ernst Freund

Submissions from 1917

Scientific Method in Legislative Drafting, Ernst Freund

Submissions from 1910

Insurance, Harry A. Bigelow